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Airsoft is similar to paintball but less painfull and much better.The guns used in Airsoft are remarkably similar to real world firearms.

Airsoft combat simulation is as close to the real thing as you can get.The basis of Airsoft is taken from real world which is why most experienced Airsofters look like military/police personnel from around the world.

GUNS; Airsoft guns shoot a plastic BB of 6mm in diameter by use of a small pump that blows air behind the BB. The BB is forced down the barrel towards the target. Most guns fire from 200 to just over 300 feet per second and leave a small bruise at most(close quarters only).

The arena at Urban Assault is extreme close quarters. In our latest revamp in September 2010 we added rooms, doors and windows to the arena. The new layout means that from any one position you can be hit from at least three areas, thus making team work a must. At Battlefield we rent AEG to players who do not have their own kit, at present we use G36C, M4, MP5 and a concept gun called the CXP. There are players who have their own kit and guns and they can come along and mix in with sessions.

AIRSOFT sessions generally run hourly but you can book longer sessions. We at present have an Airsoft specific night once a week, which is Wednesday from 5pm. Although if you ring the office line they will be able to tell you if there are any longer Airsoft sessions booked that week. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on our upcoming events or special games as we usually run full day events from time to time, like at Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. On theses days Airsoft will be from 10am to 10pm, and at reduced rate to allow players to play for the full day if they want.

Airsoft is available to anyone 11 years and over. Its great for teenagers who are into COD and similar games, its great for team building, stag and hen, and youth, scout or BB groups. Its for anyone who want a bit more of an edge to their gaming.

As an official UKARA site we are able to grant membership and stamp the relevant forms to allow you to purchase and carry airsoft guns.

For more information check out, register and access the forums to discuss Airsoft and find out what its all about. Or just call into Battlefield and speak to any of our staff who are always approachable and willing to help out.

Walk-ons(own kit).  Keep an eye out for our monthly pistol competition or other competitions. There are usually great prizes for winners, and its always fun. The Battlefield home team UrAsS heads once a month to play at some of the outdoor sites and anyone is welcome to tag along for the day.