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Battlefield Boot Camp

The latest addition to the Battlefield game sites is our Boot Camp. This is to allow players who have played indoors or who just prefer outdoor gaming to have their first taste of a bigger area. Whilst the area is not huge, at approximately 10 acres, it does give a great experience of outdoor Laser and Airsoft.

This will also be the first experience of proper game play, with scenarios designed to make the players think, and act as a team, whilst still being great fun. With the restriction of single shot not being in use you can finally get to use that full auto selection on your chosen weapon.


Teams must either defend or assassinate the chosen person. The V.I.P. must be moved safely to the RVP whilst under constant enemy attack

Rocket mission:

Both teams must pick up the parts needed to build their rocket, and then launch it. This is done whilst both attacking the opposing team and defending/searching for your rocket parts.

Stealth missions:

There various missions designed to test a teams stealth. Attackers have to move bombs into place around the enemy camp, without being seen, as its only when all explosives are in place that the full attack can begin. There are sniper games, where stealth is an absolute must if the sniper is to remain uncaptured and yet pick off his targets, before making it to the RVP for extraction.

Outdoor sessions are for 11/12 years and over. The size of the outdoor laser guns and the legal age for air soft means these events are for secondary school age and over. The initial cost  of Airsoft is reduced to allow for the fact that extra pellets may be required, but we will also allow the purchase of full bags/bottles of BB’s  instead of charging per refill, to keep the cost down. This is all about the experience.

As with all our gaming sessions, we provide all equipment needed, and as its outdoors we will provide coveralls/uniforms so you don’t have to worry about getting all mucked up as you crawl through the undergrowth.

At present there is a minimum number of 10 players for outdoor sessions, unless a session is already booked, in which case you may be allowed to join that group with less than 10 players in your group.

This is the next step in progressing your skills and gameplay, and quite possibly developing you into an enthusiastic Airsofter. Battlefield staff will help show you tactics, evading skills and push you to progress your skills in skirmishing.