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Q: What ages is it suitable for?

A: Indoor laser 7 years old and over
Outdoor laser 11/12years old and over
Airsoft 12 years and over


Q: How long is a session?

A: Indoor sessions: Laser 40 minutes Airsoft 80 minutes
Outdoor generally  2hrs. Although this can change depending on your requirements.


Q: Opening hours.

A: Monday: 12pm to 9pm
Tuesday: 12pm to 9pm
Wednesday: 12pm to 9pm
Thursday: 12pm to 10pm
Friday: 12pm to 10pm
Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm


Q: Is the indoor arena dark?

A: No. It is dull, there are some dark areas but generally you can see your surroundings.


Q: Minimum number of people required for a booking?

A: Indoor there is no minimum number required, you just slot in with others playing for that hour.
Outdoor, at present minimum number is 10 people for a booking. Please check news section for updates on this as during summer period we do run open days where you can just come along and play.


Q: What do I wear?

A: Indoor, whatever you wish. Avoid high heels though.
Outdoor, trainers, outdoor boots, generally anything you dont mind getting messy.


Q: Does it hurt?

A: laser combat, definitely no.
Airsoft, there is an impact and we would say more of a sting than painfull.


Q: How do I pay?

A: Cash. Youth/scout/school etc cheque. BACS, Invoice, Purchase Order
Email enquiries or bookings can be confirmed and paid by Paypal. Details will be given on request.