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About Battlefield Sports

Battlefieldsports N.I. is an outdoor laser combat company. Unlike the old laser quest the weapons we use are for both outdoor and indoor use. The weapons can fire in excess of 100m in daylight. And although we class ourselves as laser combat there is really no laser, just a harmless beam of infra red much like that in a T.V. remote control. There is also no cumbersome body armour for sensors, just two sensors on the head giving 360 degree coverage.

We run a system called “challenge by choice”. This system allows those playing to select the level of intensity they want for their games. A group of under twelve’s can have a low intensity but with bags of fun, a corporate team cam select games specifically designed with team building in mind, and a group of cadets/armed forces can select realistic military scenarios to challenge their training. We cater for all levels and abilities, and although the games will vary we guarantee fun and excitement for every player. Everyone who plays is guaranteed the best fun and excitement that we can provide, every time, no exceptions. We change games continuously so that even our weekly players get new challenges.

Mark Montgomery – Owner/games co-ordinator
Sandra Montgomery – Administrator

We have grown the team of referees over the past few months due to expanding upon our services and facilities. The new full team will be displayed shortly.