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Mobile laser

Bringing the Action to You.


Let us bring our laser guns and kit to your office, factory, shop wherever you are. No mess, just quick, clean, fun and excitement. Instead of sitting bored at lunch why not hunt the boss in a game of laser combat. How about winding down for the weekend by playing an hour of laser combat in work before leaving for the weekend. If your a boss, what better way to say thanks for the weeks work by letting staff run around like kids for an hour.

Run inter office/department competitions. Make a league table and run monthly, give prizes, give that fun to the workplace without a big cost.


Want a fun and active activity the kids will enjoy for PE? want to give a reward but not have to pay for transport? Why not have us come to you. We can run in any building, any area. No mess, no, tidying up afterwards. We bring it all and remove it all afterwards. Its fun without leaving the safety of the school grounds, this reduces time and costs. Run class competitions, leagues, tournaments or just a mess around.


If you have the area, we can also bring Airsoft to you. wether its full on gaming or just target shooting. Bring the realism that is Airsoft milsim to your premises with M4, G36C, MP5, PISTOLS, SNIPER RIFLES and even MORTAR’S.


Prices start from £10.00pp laser
and £12.00pp for Airsoft.

please note Airsoft will be subject to us performing checks on suitability for the game as projectiles are involved.